Dating etiquette in ukraine

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First of all a woman sits and a man sits down next to her. Walking down the stairs a man goes one - two steps ahead of the woman, and walking up - several steps back in case a woman misses a step or slips. In Ukraine, it is necessary for a man to help a woman to undress in the cloakroom, and when they are leaving he helps her to put her coat on. Do not be frank about your relationship with a girl or a woman with another man (in Ukraine it is called gossip and humiliates a narrator and a listener). A well-behaved man will never talk to a woman about her age, and the exceptions are when men and women are on duty.Ukrainian men follow the rule: the age of a woman depends on her look. Never touch a woman without her desire, even by the hand, do not touch her during a conversation, push it or take by hand above the elbow, unless you help her to enter the transport or to leave it or to cross the street.

Often, the stolen bride is a willing participant and the couple elopes without her parents permission.

Before entering the room a man opens the door for a woman and only after her he can enter the building.

2 If a man and a woman go anywhere by cab, a man comes to the car, opens the right rear door.

Ukrainian customs are heavily influenced by the Eastern Orthodox Church and traditions from Slavic mythology.

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The Soviet era unified the cultures of many unrelated nations with a common language.

Informal communication between men and women takes away important and necessary common rules of etiquette.